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Table Linen

Available in Visa 100% polyester, Harmony, Tradition 100% spun polyester, Signature and Tapestry 100% spun polyester (leaf design).

Standard Colors
Standard Sizes
18 x 18 55 x 71 73 x 73
20 x 20 55 x 96 73 x 120
36 x 36 55 x114 90 x 90
55 x 55 55 x 120 81 x 81
    85 x 85

Linen can be cut to any size. Minimum charges may apply on small orders.

Table skirting available in Shirred and Box pleats.

Chair covers available in Visa and Tradition.

Placemats available in 12 x 18 or 15 x 18"

Vista Textiles

Chef's Choice

Chef Apparel
Chef Jackets
white with black
check or colored trim
plastic or cloth buttons
cotton and poly/cotton blends

Chef Pants
striped and black in regular and baggy in cotton and poly/cotton blends

pillbox caps
chef hats
cook shirts
v-neck shirts
bibs (square, bistro, waist, cobbler, colored or white aprons)
bar wipes
dish cloths
dish towels
oven mitts 
and more.

Chef Jacket with Piping

Chef Jacket - Black

Chef Jackets 1

Chef Jackets 2

Chef Jackets 3

Chef Jackets 4

Cook Shirts 1

Cook Shirts 2

Cook Shirts 3

Cook Shirts 4

Poly Cotton Apron

Change Apron

Aprons 1

Aprons 2

Aprons 3

Chef Pants 1

Chef Pants2

Chef Pants 3

Chef Pants 4

Sika 885 Flex Clog

Mellowwalk Pauline

Mellowwalk Patrick 1

Mellowwalk Patrick 2

Chef Hat


Pill Box Cap

Chef Works

Gramercy Chef Coat

Bowden Chef Coat

Hartford Chef Coat

Mens Lansing Coat

Calgary Cool Vent Chef Coat

Volnay Chef Coat

Womens Hartford Chef Coat

Lausanne Women’s Executive Chef Coat

Berkeley Waist Apron

Wide Half Bistro Apron

Womens Essential Baggy Pants

Lightweight Baggy Pants

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